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A Fantastically Immersive Indie RPG!

Savage Kingdoms is a gritty, immersive, sword-and-sorcery themed tabletop RPG by Mike Yow and Fire In The Head Productions. 

After its first publication in 2014, the game is now heading into its third edition which promises even greater immersion,

 excitement, and comprehensive ease-of-play and its trademark quick and easy 1d20 action resolution system.


The Indiegogo campaign to produce art and production for the SK III core rulebook was a success back in May! As such, get your digital or hardcover version at today!

Nex​t Indiegogo campaign will be for The Savage East, the first rules and setting exp​ansion book for the Savage Kingdoms III game line! Look for that around April or May 2021! The Savage East will feature the playable races and cultures of the eastern continents - Emanju and Hassan - as well as new callings, talents, weaknesses, spells, gear, and elite organizations!

Enter A Fully Realized Fantasy Setting

The known world of SK is comprised of the continents of Astagonia, Hassan, and Emanju, as well as the isle-continents of Ragnagard and Mezca. The mighty 

Dragon Sea separates the East from the West and 

is one of nine great ocean-rivers.

Current Releases

SK Reforged Core Rulebook

This is, essentially, the second edition of the Savage Kingdoms RPG system. Combining both the original core rulebook and The Savage East campaign supplement, this 

474-page tome comes packed full of rules, 

creatures, GMing advice, and atmospheric 

maps and artwork.

Savage Bestiary

Giving Game Masters over 150 additional animals, monsters, and NPC templates, this book is essential for fully realizing the mystical flora and fauna of the known world of Savage Kingdoms. Featuring artwork by Mike Maurer, David Kurr, and Neil Robertson.

SK III Core Rulebook

The penultimate Savage Kingdoms gaming manual, a fully detailed core rulebook featuringthe newly streamlined and comprehensive rules and setting material of this deeply detailed world. Written by SK creator Mike Yow with art and layout by Michael Scott Phillips.


What our customers and players are saying:

This game should be on shelves nation wide. This is where bored D&D players should turn. You may think I am joking. Any player who gets bored with simple number-crunching game mechanics of the majority of RPGs will drift to this game. You can be WHATEVER you want and flesh out just who you are as a character, not just a

 numbers-heavy character class.

Eric Schmiedecke - Asheville, NC

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